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Name: Tran Xuan Quy

School: Thuy Dan Primary school

Telephone Number: 0919733500

Email: xuanquythuydan@yahoo.com

Website Taken : tienganh123.com

Nowadays Internet has become an effective mean of teaching and learning English . English has also become a compulsory language in schools especially secondary schools and upper secondary school .there are many websites on network but  I often search  website www .tieng anh 123.com to find the source of the exercises also tests, then I copy the appropriate exercises on this web site and  print it out. I often use them to give my students in periods of practising or tests.
   I gave my students the name of the website  then asked them to do homework, play games. many students were interested in learning this, they not only play the game, but   also listen to songs in English and they heard voices of indigenous standards and translated into Vietnamese. This website help me very much in my teaching.With the lecture of the teacher, examples,exercises that help my students be more interested in their lesson. In my opinion , using this website in my teaching will help me very much and help my students learn effectively. I personally hope that in future the internet will also help learners more.  .

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