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Teaching English in the mountainuos area of Vietnam

Name: Hoàng Ngọc Đồng

Address: Tan Bac Junior High School, Quang Binh District, Ha Giang Province

Telephone number: 01687900745

Email: hoangdong1981@gmail.com

School: Tan Bac Junior High School

Teaching: grade 8,9

Website taken: www.violet.vn / www.teachingenglishkids.org.uk / www.teachingenglish.vn

Link for idea: www.teachingenglish.org....mountainuos-area-vietnam

Teaching English in the mountainuos area of Vietnam

I am a teacher of English in Tan Bac Junior High School which is a small school in a mountainous district in Ha Giang province. Ha Giang is known as the “North Pole” province of  Vietnam and it  is the poorest province. Eighty percents my students are the “Pa then” who are  ethnic minority people available only in Ha Giang. In addition, there are some other ethnic minorities such as: Tay, Nung, Dao, La chi, etc. Moreover, their families are very poor. However, they love studying English, because they like talking with the foreigner tourists who come to visit their villages.

In my working, I like teaching listening the most, and I want to share with you my experience. I don’t have a laptop and my school doesn’t have any cassette player. Therefore, I use a mobile speaker which has an USB disk reader to teach listening. The mobile speaker can play MP3 format music. You need to have an USB disk or a SD card and even a Micro SD card on your mobile phone. First, you download the listen tape transcripts from www.violet.vn to your computer and use the software GoldWave, a product of www.goldwave.com, to compose your own tape transcripts, you can repeat your tape transcripts two or three times and you can also emphasis the words that you want your students to take notes or fill in the gaps by changing the volume of the words or repeat it twices. You can also have many tape transcripts on your USB disk or cards to teach others lessons or grades. When you need to teach the next lesson you can press the button “Next” or select the numbers on the remote control. It has a remote control so you don’t have to stand by your laptop or cassette player to control your devices and you can charge for your mobile speaker, its battery can be used in more than 5 hours so you can teaching listening on the energy cut days, it has a jack to connect with others devices so you can enjoy your favorite musics on your laptop. However, you shouldn’t copy too many tape transcripts on your USB disk or your cards, you can copy your lessons in a week you teach, then you have to delete the old ones and put it your new lessons.

If you follow these guidelines, you not only have a good listening lesson, but also you save your money from buying listening disks. I hope you have successful listening lessons.

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