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trinh duc thao  
#1 Đã gửi : 20/01/2012 lúc 08:12:33(UTC)
trinh duc thao

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Gia nhập: 19-01-2012(UTC)
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Full name: Trinh Duc Thao

Address: Trung Thanh- Thai Nguyen city.

Phone: 0912623787

E-mail: Thao_anh_dl@yahoo.com

School : Doc Lap Lower Secondary School.

Teaching grade : 8,9.

 I have been working as a teacher of English for 16 years and I am lucky to work with  teachers and students from Holland. We are invited to participte in Myschoolsnetwork. We have a lot of on-line meetings between my students and Dutch students.

I like my teaching job very much because I love working with children. I usually begin my lessons with a funny story, a riddle or a game. During my lessons, I often organize many activities for my students to take part in. I always try my best to find out the best way of teaching and making my lessons interesting to attract my students’ attention. Besides studying, we are very eager to participate in many outdoor activities. We joined in http://www.Myschoolsnetwork.com

 with many other schools , teachers and students all over the world. From this website, my students can chat with people from different countries to improve their English and understanding between people of different countries. Every month, there is an event for members to take part in ( for each event, students have to take a photo and write about the topic of it). We have already joined in many events such as : around my school, my favorite shops, food and drink, sports,….. and we will vote to choose the winner for each event. Our purpose of joining this website is to create an English speaking environment for our students to practice their English in real life, for teachers of English knowing how to encourage the students to learn English. This is a good chance for the students to put into practice what they have learned from the lessons. Thanks to this website, my students are very interested in learning English. They can improve their skills such as : speaking, listening, writing, …..









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phan tu anh trên 20-01-2012(UTC) ngày
phan tu anh  
#2 Đã gửi : 20/01/2012 lúc 08:19:01(UTC)
phan tu anh

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Gia nhập: 20-01-2012(UTC)
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Đến từ: thai nguyen

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I like your writing vary much. congratulations!

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