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Đến từ: THCS Phương Sơn - Lục Nam - Bắc Giang

I am an English teacher at Phuong Son primary school . I really enjoyed

finding this site because it has helped me by giving me ways to use while teaching, such as, activities, games… I would like to write about an activity I use with my students which I consider to be very good. I find that my students always have problems with vocabulary. Because they don’t remember after they’ve learnt. There fore I apply for the teaching vocabulary by some methods:

First, I used many pictures, realthings… to teach.

For ex: In English 6 in order to teach words: kẹo,nước, chuối ,gạo…., when I gave these things students looked and they understand, remember these words easily.

Beside that, I used new words in the text to make sentences. Student can practise words many times.

Finally, help students interested in learning words, I used games: wordsqare, jumpled words…

In condusion, I really went to recomment this website to you. From my own exprneciences, I found that teaching English  using  teaching and learning website, especially ioe.go.vn is benifitcial for both teather and students. I with all of us will become good teachers with the interesting lessons.

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